Welcome to Kolhapur

An Ancient Historic City

History of Kolhapur

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Kolhapur is largest and oldest city of Western India. Brahmapuri, the oldest nucleus of the city, situated on the bank of river Panchaganga over two thousand years ago. Kolhapur is as old as that of its origin is attributed to the creator Brahma Himself in the Mythology.

The city has really grown out of a clump of original seven small villages i.e. Brahmapuri, Uttareshwar (Lagmapur), Khol-Khandoba (Kesapur), Rankala, Padmala, Ravaneshwar and Laximiwadi-that were settled nearly 2000 years ago.

Culture of Kolhapur

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The main religion followed in Kolhapur is Hinduism. It is a great place for the food lovers as one can see great varieties with great flavors in Kolhapur. Among the main dishes Red Meat, Tambada Rassa. Kandi Pedhe, Kolhapuri Kakavi and Kolhapuri Misal are at the priority.

Also called as the town of Goddess Mahalaxmi. Kolhapur owns a rich heritage culture in the form of magnificent temples. forts and other archaeological constructions

Kolhapuri Food

Kolhapur is famous for it’s Kolhapuri food. You must test the local Kolhapuri food while you’re in the district.

Food here has earned a worldwide reputation due to its celebrated Kolhapuri Cuisine.  Kolhapuri Misal, Kolhapuri Masala and delectable Kolhapuri non vegetarian cuisine such as Tambada Rassa and Pandhara Rassa.


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Kolhapur, the sacred land of Goddess Ambabai celebrates a number of religious. As well as other secular festivals with incomparable pomp and enthusiasm. Some of the most important festivals of the city other than the traditional Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali, Ganeshotsav, Gudi Padava, etc. Include, Navratra Mahotsav, Lalita Panchami, Ashtami, Kirnotsav, Rathotsav, Kolhapur Rankala Mahotsav, Jyotiba Yatra, etc.

There are several festivals celebrated in Kolhapur – Diwali being the foremost outstanding. Holi is additionally celebrated with nice enthusiasm. Food is a crucial part of our existence and it same that. the food is just like the individuals –ranging from spicy to sweet, nothing bland or in between.